The Next Event: Sunday 21st July 2019 - 10am to 7pm
Where: Fulham Football Stadium, Craven Cottage, Fulham, London SW6 6HH, UK

No BullShit Talks

FFS, There Are A Lots Of Money To Be Made!

I Will Show You How You Can Make A Lots Of Money From Your Videos, Pictures & Articles!

 I Will Also Share With You My Clever Strategy Where I Can Just Do A Couple Of Clicks If I Wanted Some Money Instantly........And At Any Time I Wanted!

And Lastly... Hey You Groups/Page Admins - Do You Know That You Are Sitting On A Gold Mine?

 YES, All That Will Be Revealed At The Deaf Start-Ups Conference 2019!

The Host: Jackie Knight

A Deaf Keynote Speaker From London, United Kingdom

A Leader With 20 Years Experience In The Internet Marketing Industry

Important - before you continue reading, it may sounds pretty overwhelming but this is about changing your life, and it's a serious business. If you followed my guide and implendenment all these strategies I've taught you in BSL, then I don't see why you can't success!

Now, Turn Your Passion Into Profits!

When you post a video, a picture, or an article via your social media accounts, but esp. in FB groups/pages, please make sure that YOU are making the money & not the PAGE/GROUP ADMINS or these social media BIG FAT CATS!

Can You Imagine Having Incomes Like These?

It Is Only Easy If You Know How!

 Look At Some Of These Companies Listed Below, They Are A Success Simply Because The Know How!

Disclaimer: This Video Is 5 Years Old But The Concept Of Deaf Start Ups Remains The Same, Hence There Is No Bacon or Eggs!

Now, Are You Excited To Discover That There IS Such A BSL Conference Where You Will Discover How To Make Money From Your Videos, Pictures or Articles?

Jackie Knight Is Waiting To Lead The Way....!

Sunday 21st July 2019 - 10am to 7pm
Fulham Football Stadium, Craven Cottage, Fulham, London SW6 6HH, UK

Ultimately, my goal is to make sure that YOU are the one who's getting THAT income for everything YOU have created!.

Everyone has a talent, or a hidden talent, If you cannot find yours, don't worry, your EUREKA moment will happen at the conference!

Here's What I Will Talk About At The Conference - Remember I Don't Do BullShits!

10am- 11am

11.30 - 12.30

1..30pm - 2.30pm

3pm - 4pm

Yup, It Is That Simple, No Bullshit!

Here's one important reason as to why you should NOT miss this conference!

One of the main reason is you don't want to be left behind penniless while your friends, will be laughing all the way to the bank!

You Will Arrive At The Conference With Absolute ZERO Knowledge Of How To Make Money Online ........... And You Will Leave The Conference Armed With The Rich Knowledge Of Knowing How To Make Money......Even Instantly & At Any Time You Wanted!

An ATM Machine In Your House...... Literally?

Let's Find Out What On Earth I Am Talking About!

The Choice Is Yours & I Hope To See You There!

*Important Note:  due to some restrictions the available places on this conference are strictly limited! Spots are filling quickly so to avoid disappointment, it's advisable to book your spot today!

Deaf Start-Ups Great British Tour 2019 - Calendar, Guide & Plans

British Sign Language, Voice Over, Visual Projector & Digital Handout

London, England, UK - 21st July 2019

Manchester, England, UK - 1st September 2019

Birmingham, England, UK - 15th September 2019

Glasgow, Scotland, UK - 29th September 2019

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