Deaf Entrepreneurs' & Vloggers' Extravaganza EXPO 2019

Saturday September 7th 2019 - 10am to 7pm

East Windergarden, 43 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5NX

NEW Exhibitors: Deaf Facebook Pages Owners, Group Admin, and Social Media Superstars!

100s of Deaf Related Booths & Stalls, With Hundreds Of Visitors Visiting Throughout The Day! 

The world's first Deaf Entrepreneurs' & Vloggers' EXPO Extravaganza 2019, (DEVEE) the first such event ever to be filled with the buzz of gigantic activities as the signing people from all over the world flock together to meet the true deaf leaders from the Internet & Social Media industry.

Attending this year's extravaganza means your pulse will keep on racing as you explore the latest innovation and creations by the world well known deaf vloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners, and all that right at your fingertips.

This packed filled event includes a recognition award ceremony, where the winners will be nominated by the public. The EXPO will show that deaf people can do anything with having amazing skills & talent, just come and discover what they can do and follow suit.

Furthermore 'listening' to those keynote speakers, business advisors or discover & learn from the exhibitors will guide you to become a success and much more!

Early Bird Premium EXPO & Marketing Package 2019 (Closing Date 3rd June)

Deaf Start-Ups will deliver clever strategies to ensure the EARLY BIRDS gets a greater exposure!

In May/June 2019, I will start work on getting, hopefully, a DRAGON or two to come and support DEVEE. A message will somehow be sent to the dragons, yes those dragons from the den and investors inviting them to come along and visit us at the Deaf Entrepreneurs' & Vloggers' EXPO Extravaganza 2019.

Start-Ups Investors know how much talent deaf peoples has, as proven, you have come up with amazing innovations and creations that have been and still are buzzing out there. And we, at Deaf Start-Ups believe very much if they've spotted a good one with guaranteed delivery of a good return on their investment, they will approach you and invest.

Can you imagine a dragon or investor coming up and say to you: You are investable and for that reason, I'm in?

Come & watch one of us get invested , I would feel utterly triumph and proud to be part of it!

Exhibitor Pass and Pre EXPO & Venue Marketing

  1. Entry Pass To Events At The Venue
  2. 1 x Business Booth/Exhibition ( MAX 2 Staff)

Pre EXPO & At Venue Marketing - (Four Months of Marketing)

  1. Business Logo Marketing On Deaf Start-Ups Website, & Sister Sites
  2. Business Logo In The Communication Emails To Well-Known Dragons/Investors
  3. Business Get A Mention In Our Monthly Newsletter 
  4. Daily Social Media Exposure Via Blog (Over 100,000 Followers)
  5. Business Logo On Deaf Start-Ups Venue Banner/Leaflets

Early Bird Premium EXPO & Marketing Package 2019  package will expire on 3rd June 2019 or when all the spots have been filled - We can only offer limited premium packages for the early birds.

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